Monday, August 20, 2007

it is finished.

withdrawls are over!
and new life begins, more or less.
this weekend I had a cleaning bug and well I cleaned.
more or less.
more like I was tired of my room being everyone else's.
for instance in my room this is what was in it.
an art easel daughters
three pairs of unmatched socks........the other part of the pair was in their rooms
toys dropped from the day
boxes of games
so on Sunday that was the goal
everything went out that wasn't mine and I spent about an hour in there .
I vacuumed all the Cob webs off the wall and then all the corners and edges of the carpet.
then I cleaned off the top of the dresser
dusted and was finished

then that was not enough for me I moved to another room...........
my friend is moving to California so I got some organizing things from her and came back home and went to work on the play was filled with papers and was becoming so cluttered that I could not walk threw with out winching..........sooooooooooooooooo

this is what I did do.

so now I feel better. I so do not like clutter and I need my space in order to feel sane so to speak . clutter makes my mind cluttered and I can't think. so now I feel a little better. any way sorry I haven't been posting very much. things are just moving along and .........oh I almost forgot I have to see a doctor on Tuesday for my blood pressure, for some unknown reason I can't seem to keep it down past 156 over 88 and apparently that is not good. oh well i have fought the good fight and now I must face the must face the music . oh well.

I have been looking for more work. and we are also looking for a new place to live. it is frustrating on both accounts. we would like to live in the country and in Washington. but I find that the jobs there are not as prevalent as here. not to mention we are finally rooted in a church we like..... but Calvary Chapels are everywhere. ho hum de dum. we will just keep plugging away.

later .


Martha said...

Clutter... yes, clutter can be quite frustrating, unless of course it is arranged in an intricuing sort of way. I do think school has much to do with my desire to get things back in order, but tomorrow I am going out for a while just to get away from cleaning.

Martha said...


Rachel said...

Your house looks great! I can't enlarge the picture, but it looks like Sydney is enjoying a snooze on your bed after helping you with all that cleaning, huh?

I'm glad the whole withdrawal thing is over for Darren, and for you guys too. What a relief!

Rachel said...

Hey Marty!

gmj said...

Yippie!! you did it!!!!!

Tracy said...

You wanna come do my house next?

T said...

yes I will come and do your house!
send me a week end schedule.

JoAnn-NL "Through my digital eyes" Story's & Travel :) said...

Hi You did a great job!!!
I hate cleaning soooooo much!

Bye see you :) JoAnn

Martha said...

Calvary Chapels are everywhere, but there's no place like home. No matter where we go to church we always miss the "family" we leave behind. I miss my friends from the Baptist church too.

Gudl said...

I am glad things are looking up for you on the home front.

Priscilla said...

I hate clutter too. Just when I think I'm winning the battle...I start losing it again!

T said...

we will be coming down the weekend of the 7th.
we are ironing out details with the dog and kids.
see ya then
get the gloves out,and boxes...LOL!