Saturday, December 17, 2005

oh the innocence of a child

oh my son...
what to say about him..
My hubby and I have had our hands full ever since this guy turned 3. he is now 5
and let me tell you he is still a handful.
one minute he is nice and sweet and great fun then wham he is an emotional roller coaster and you best be hangen on cause you are in for the ride that will rip you up.
And then there is the innocence that is so tender it makes you remember
why God gave precedence to the little children.
My son tells his sister (whom like most siblings at this age merely tolerate them)
"look if you want to be big like me ...Jesus will grow you just like me.
and you will be 5. So listen to mom and dad...."
It sounded funny at the time...But the simplicity of it is really striking .
"Honer you mother and father and you will have long life."
kids really do listen even if it comes out strange to us...they think simple...most of the time

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