Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yah gotta wonder.

Well lets see ,
so many things to rant about can't really put my words to use
I recently talked with a friend of mine about a week ago and found out
they are really having a time with their marriage
okay I can relate....alot.
had trouble myself from time to time.
they told me some really disturbing things and of course I told them the same of
me....okay so days go by and they talk to me again...
telling me the same thing how
they are gonna try and make it work..and are looking into a Christian counselor
and reading books ect.
blah blah blah blah.!!!
to bold of an opinion?

Okay so what really gets me is where is God in all this..
you know my hubby and I have been married 8yrs and not all of them happy
maybe 3 or 3 and a half. sad but true. and yes we actually considered separating
so my blah blah blah blah really isn't so much out of not understanding as it is out of understanding the truth.
that is if God is not master of us as individuals then together there is absolute
mayhem and separation. See those unhappy years that my hubby and I were together were the years we were still coping with our own selfishness...and any one who is married for any length of time knows there is a really fine line of balance with expressing your ideas and opinions and standing your ground
and the other thing ....this thing called luuuvvvvvv well WHAT EVER.
yes Love is the key but the in luv thing well sorry have to really not agree with that one totally... see that to me implies a feeling and I don't trust feelings
that's kinda what got eve introuble eh? and mosses and lets see oh johnua and
David with basheba and mosses and the rock and lets not forget all of the Israelites and the golden calf eh?
see feelings lie... if you fall "in love" that implies that you can what? fall out?
no love is from God find Him and you find not only true love but the truth of how to love.
well that's just my opinion you don't have to agree.

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Tracy said...

I think you hit the head on the nail by pinpointing selfishness as the enemy of love. Love is a commitment to the other person. And if you are keeping that commitment, there isn't any room for selefishness. Selfishness leads to stubornness, then an uncaring attitude and then apathy. Apathy seems to wind up being very hard to conquer. But if we fight it in the selfishness stage, it is easier to win the battle.

All this from a chick only married 2 years, so maybe just theory.