Monday, January 09, 2006


Okay let me first give a disclaimer:
for those of you who know me know this is very true...(you've seen my tears and herd my laughter and my prayers)
and for those who don't know me......well this is just gonna be a little rant
nothing more nothing less.

Okay lets get down to this business..
My hub is currently out of work not because there is no work
but because just before Christmas he got a hurneaded disk and he also has arthritis....well yes it is rather painful...
now it has been mmmm lets see....3-4 weeks? I think...never the less..he is still not working....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

now .....I will say this again...I love my husband very much...I just don't like him right now at least his bizarre way of recuperating....
okay get is it that He can play with the kids...on the floor...In pain as he would tell you ...ALOT.. but to sweep the floor, take the garbage out?
not on your life...I get the fact that he can't bend over real well....but I'll be dog gone if he can't sit and play video games.....or sleep on the couch..

okay he made breakfast to day...Kudos for him..tis true..but then ...he told me he was gonna go to work my hopes up then smashed them..grrrrrrrrr
so what did he do..well breakfast! so that means nothing else for the rest of the day...oh you all think I am kidding...not true....and if I don't praise him all day for that !@#! Breakfast....war will happen....oh yah not kidding.

so here I am the house like a mad woman cause well I tell my kids that there is no playing if the chores aren't done. so I want to play ...I
tell him that the plumber is coming over and that I want to work
you would think that the hint was taken....NOOOOOOOOOO way..
he sits and reads the freeken paper.....the man who has been off for 3 weeks and by his statements is better...reading the paper ....okay as a rule this would really not bother me...but come on!
oh one last thing...I have played a song by Joo Dee meseina ...the song...
still nothing ..... I have played it 3 times....

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gomergirl said...

yeah, i feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!
scott is better, but we still have some big expenses coming up to check it out further.... oh well, the lord will provide as we need. he always does.

now you can check out my site....and jessica too if you want (from the comments)
love you!