Wednesday, December 06, 2006

funny # 2

I thought this was funny too.

I got this from an old friend in my mail box

and being at the age that all this is relevant I thought it was cute,

if not true.


Martha said...

Very cute. Does 42 1/2 still count as 39.95 plus shipping and handling? I hope so.

Hey, I like the snowman too. How did you do that?

lm1 said...

click onto the curser site at the bottom of the side bar. then click the curser you want, then click for the code and copy it.... if you have blogger betta then paste it to your html/javascript and paste it there.
walla new curser.

Tracy said...

I don't have any personal vacations in the tropics... yet.

Priscilla said...

Yikes! I'm turning 40 in just over a week!

lm1 said...

well I hear 40 is a very good age.
but unforturatly I do have mini vacation in the tropics, D and I have wars over the thermastate. it is a constant battle, he turns it up and I wait til he is not looking then turn it down.... I make the kids dress warm :)

sydney said...

yah I like it when mom has a tropic vacation, cause then rain or snow she takes me out. oh yah!

Tracy said...

Cute story. When we were up visiting last week, LM1's hubby was complaining about the (lack of) heat. Her daughter piped up, "I'm not cold, Daddy!" I didn't realize until a little bit later why she was so anxious to contribute to the conversation. She was wearing her new mittens and was showing off... :o)