Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas every one.
I hope every one's holiday goes perfectly!
on the theme of a blogger bud I would like to share 10 things that I am thankful for this season.
(she uses more).
1.My God, He has shown me so much this year. things that have happened, circumstances that have changed me and strengthened me, He has shown me how to persevere, and how to show love in the mist of trials. a valuable lesson in marriage ;), it is easier to love, but to show it is more difficult, it means you have to put into action what your lips say. hee.
2. My husband, there are days that my Husband is my strength when my day is to stress driven, he simply asks me where my trust is laying. He is good at reminding me where my trust should the Lord. He is also the one person who shows me how compassion is so vital to people. as it is not my strength.
3. my kids, they have grown up so much this year it is utterly amazing to me, as well as scary.
I did not take my self as a mother who would become to attached to her children that I would have a hard time watching them grow more independent. but this is why I am thankful for them, they show me strength.
4. my animals, now it sounds weird I know but they are precious to me . they make me laugh which is important. and some days they give me just enough of a distraction to ease my temper.
5. my bloggie buddy's . It is nice to make new friends always! I am glad that the Lord brought you all into my life, I learn so much from you all! thank you.
6. my mother, she makes me laugh, she is my friend, she tells it like it is and is not afraid of discussion on any subject, even if she disagrees. it is hard to find people who are willing to talk about sensitive subjects with out getting to emotional about them that you loose the topic. it is nice to have that with her.
7. my father, oh now some may say "oh he is not your real dad" ..... blah blah blah! He is real enough to me. he has shown me kindness and support and compassion and love. now to me that is a"real" dad. He has shown me what a dad is supposed to look like. strong, wise, loving. He has shown me how a real dad displays disappointment, frustration, even anger. believe it or not this is important to raising kids. and although he didn't raise me he is my dad.
8. my grammy, oh I love my grammy! I am thankful I got to see her one more time this year. camera, LOL. what can I say it is a Hobie that I had stopped and now is reborn.... watch out people I am taking classes.....
10. my computer......with out this I could not inform you all about my important life.....LOL. seriously I am thankful of this thing because it allows me to learn about other people, and as you all know I love to do that.....
well that is about it.
I Hope you all have a great Christmas and a wonderful start of a new year


Tracy said...

That's a great list. Thanks for sharing these things. It's great to look at our blessings and especially that those most important ones are the people in your life.

glovzoff said...

Thank you, what a wonderful Christmas present!

Dunja said...

Thanks for this insight and Merry Merry Xmas!

Martha said...

Wonderful! It is a blessing to see others blessed by the Lord and isn't it great to be able to share those things that bless us?

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better this coming year.

kristina said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your blessings list with us. I am happy for you and glad to have "met" you.

Priscilla said...

Yes! I am glad that yu can share your important life with us! You are important! Don't forget that!

Շɬɠɠ™ said...

darling!! you do such a nice job on your blogs!

tigg - tressie

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