Wednesday, December 13, 2006


do you see this baseball?
now imagine it under your ribcage on your right side.
yeah that would be classified as a rip roaring gallbladder attack.
I have these every so often , like once every two years.
well this year I am not fairing so well.
my attack was three days ago and I have not been good ever since.........
sooooo under the advisement, and by that I mean demands of the highest form to the point of unbearable torture of phone call lectures from all the family members including but not limited to in laws, to go see the doc.

well yesterday I did.
so today what is on the agenda?
oh that would be an emergency ultra sound
and so if he says that I have a block which is what is suspected. that would mean?
surgery? huh.
well I suppose that is what it would mean.
I have fought surgery of this for years. but now I really don't have time to deal with the every
two year bout of baseball ribcage.
oh well I'll write later.


Martha said...

Oh dear! Sounds like no fun. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

(Lately I have been praying for several of my blog friends. It's always good to have people praying.)

lm1 said...

thank you,
so far no emergancy surgery, today I am keeping food down, eh. one tortia and a gram cracker, woot woot!
they defentatly want it out, soon
so there ya go
thank you for prayers they are always good,
I pray for my bloggie buds too. :)

Rachel said...

It doesn't sound like you've been having too much fun, I'm sorry. My dad had problems with his too, and had it taken out. The Dr. said it was full of stones. He feels much better without it. I'll pray for ya too.

kristina said...

oh wow. i will pray for you too.

Priscilla said...

Hope you are feeling fine again soon!