Wednesday, January 17, 2007

dinner on a snowy day.

can you tell what is missing and what dinner is?


Tracy said...


But I don't know what's missing... Did Sydney sneak in and eat an ingredient?

Martha said...

Where is the sauce? You need a big jar of sauce for lasagna!

gmjlm2 said...

Big jar of sauce is next to the olives and next to the ricotia cheese:o), my question is what is the bread for? Looks good and when did ya mail the invitation, cause I haven't got mine yet.

Martha said...

The kids! Where are the kids? Are they having dinner too?

Or... the salad. Salad is great with lasagna.

And my invitation is missing too.

T said...

yup sause , and the kids were there in the play room playing.
and I think olives is a veggie right, the bread was just hangen out, and the invitations were in the mail, but due to snow.... well there ya go.
but really we have an open invitation here, just call an hour or two in advance.

Rachel said...

Lasagna, yum!!

Shelly said...

You've got some pretty cool slide shows! :)