Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This is me and mine
on our wedding day 10 years ago come DEC. 23 of this year
we have said since we were married that we would renew our vows in ten years.
we did not have a "normal" wedding we were quite rebellious and did not invite any family .
we did not invite his for reasons I will not mention and mine because well we didn't have his how could we have mine.
anyway we have been talking as of late about our renewal date
I want it November 11Th the original date we planned and he wants it in June.
the reason we want to change it to begin with is ........ well we never get to really celebrate it due to the date. I mean really how can you have a anniversary on the day before Christmas eve............ we have Kids that are small enough that we can't justify leaving and even if we didn't feel guilty we can't find a sitter.
so I would like some opinions please
June or November?


Rachel said...

How about a compromise and doing it in August or September?

Martha said...

August or September sounds nice. (Rachel is one of those harmonizer type personalities.) The photo is beautiful!

Shelly said...

I guess I would have to ask what his reasons for June are? You stated that you wanted it in November because that date meant something to you (a romantic aren't you?! :)... My preference of a date would mostly have to do with weather. Not very romantic at all! LOL. But it's something that is important to me. So, if I was going to get to GO somewhere warm when normally it was chilly and yuck outside, then I would choose to go then. But if I had to stay in the area then I would choose the warmer date. :)

T said...

yes I am a big romantic (shhhsssh don't tell I have a rebutation to keep;D) but darren is too and well he is thinking weather. which makes sence.
and november is cold and really kinda close to thanksgiving and the big Holidays.
mmmmm very perplexing.

Tim said...

Wow! 10 years - Congratulations. If it were me, I'd probably due it in June as well (maybe it's a guy thing).

Does your hubsand know why you want it in November?

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

We renewed our vows for our 10th too! It was fun!

samuru999 said...

Hi T
Thanks for your visit to my blog!
Congratulations on 10 years together..the wedding picture is lovely.
I would go with the June date...
June is such a beautiful time of the year...must be the reason for so many June brides!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

i'd go for june. ours is nov. 25th and it's on thanksgiving often. which for us is fine, but it's the kid thing again, like christmas. so i'd go for something away from the holidays.

Gudl said...

I would go for June, too. June is a lovely month. November is more ugly (I think) . And since both days are not the real anniversary date, why not go with the better chance of good weather?
BTW I love the song on your page here. I have it on cd, too.
I needed the reminder today.

Priscilla said...

Lovely picture. June is warmer.

anoregonrose said...

well me being the cheap one, I wouldn't do either. One, in June ALL plane tix to anywhere go up, for incoming people and you going anywhere, just b/c it's summer. Also, anything you would need to rent/buy for a wedding are more expensive (and booked a yr or more in advance) Every June. You might be hard pressed to even find a hall or whatever. Nov, again, being close to holidays, gets expensive if for no other reason than it's november. (I was "this close" to being a wedding planner so I'm just being honest) Sept-early Oct are still nice weather-wise and a little less booked for events, May is the same way, tho still a little chilly. I would figure out where you want to have festivties and see what they have open still (5 months is Very Soon in wedding terms, even Oct is probably filling up now). We tried to plan ours when the most people could come without too much extra cost. Depends on what's important to you tho, saving guests money, having a really nice place you LOVE, getting a non-high season rate at a hotel, etc. Like I said call me cheap but I don't like spending more when it's not neccesary. Just my, well, 15cents I guess. :)

Rachel said...

Were you planning on having a lot of people present? We didn't , so I guess I was just assuming you guys were just doing it alone. We did ours on a cruise ship with the ship chaplin (I'm not sure what her title was). Later we had wedding cake and wine for our table at dinner.

T said...

well yes we are having family and friends there..... just like a "real" wedding.
we didn't have family or many people... we were married in a house with four people and the pastor. so this time we want the family and friends.
nothing major really a house or a park. I mean we are not going alllll out. just a wedding...LOL

Martha said...

That's what I wanted to do too...