Monday, February 12, 2007

ah victory is sweet

okay so on my last post you saw the shoe rack.
so I actually did follow threw and bought some racks for the closet
an actual shoe rack for our closet that holds shoes not underware ;D
and the kids now have a place to put the clothes they want to wear for the week.
that way I don't have to have a constant agument of what they are going to or not going to


Martha said...

I could be organized too if it weren't for all the stuff laying around... ha ha!

Rachel said...

Very nice!

kristina said...

Great idea! I use a shoe holder, the kind with upright plastic pockets for all my make up, hair & nail junk.

gmjlm2 said...

Good Job! I see your feet doing the happy dance, :o)

Martha said...

Great idea! We can lessen the "gross" factor if we have all our clothes laid out tfor the week. No need to wear used undies and nothing is laying on the floor.

Tracy said...

Very very nice. You's very smart to think that one up. I like it that it's the whole week's worth of clothes. That's better than just the undies idea.