Tuesday, April 03, 2007

They tried to kill me

by request.

so I had to take a physical for this new job.

other than the normal stuff, blood pressure,hearing test,and vision stuff
there was the physical "requirement".
this is a series of physical lifting and "stuff" basically to see if you can meet the requirements of the job..........................YAH RIGHT!

so we go back to this room and there are all kinds of things, ladders and weighted shovels and other weights and a foot high stepping block in the middle of the room
(that should have been my first clue)
so this nice lady tells me the first thing I have to do is step up and down on this box for three minutes and a second a step...... not a problem, then she says okay now do it again for three more minutes at a faster beat....... my legs are slightly tired by this time.....
after this she lets me rest for less than a minute.......
second part of this "test" is grab 20lb dumb bells in each hand and lift them above your head five times...... that part almost killed me!
the third thing to do is lift this crate that is filled with 75lbs of weight and lift it from the ground to a shelf that is waist high , then put it back on the ground...... when I am done with that then I pick the little bugger up again and walk it 10 feet and back and put the sucker back down on the ground.
oh yah soooooo not done yet.
the forth and final part of this "test" was this : it was a circuit type test. the first thing I had to do was hammer a hammer on the designated spot on the floor 60 times, then go over to a weighted shovel and do a mock shovel motion (they had a mark on this board that you had to touch, which was about shoulder height ) then go to the 75lb weighted crate and turn it in full rotation three times, then go back to the 12 inch high step and step up on it 10 times with 20lbs of weight.
all this has to be done a total of 5 times in a 20 minute period......... even now I am losing my breath just explaining it to you
she kept telling me to pace myself , yah right...... mmmhmm. I asked her why she kept saying that and asked her if she thought I was gonna die on her...... she said no but I had good time...... you bet I did ! I did that circuit in 15 minutes......... she said that was better than most of the guys that come in there! DANG RIGHT!!!!!!
well after that it took me a good 10 minutes to breath.
but hey I passed eh.


Rachel said...

Wow, it sounds like you'll be getting some great exercise on your new job! What a time saver! I have to work and then do the exercising when I get home, I'm jealous.

gmjlm2 said...

Oh, yeah, you go girl!
Now can you do all that with steel-toed boots on? LOL
So after the daily workout, do you still have to mow your own yard, clean up the doggy doo etc.?

Gudl said...

I am glad to hear you passed the test!!
Greetings from FL!

Kim said...

I am out of breath just reading this! Glad that you passed.

Martha said...

Yeah, now I need another nap. Good thing it's time for bed!

Glad you passed the test. I think I'll stick with babysitting.

Tracy said...

Wow! Did you have to do that when you were hired before? Sounds like they REALLY want to make sure that you can do the job. I'm glad you passed.

T said...

yah the test doesn't really resemble the work area..... you shouldn't lift 75lbs by your self thy want you to use the buddy system for those things..... the shoveling and the hammering are actually realistic but not at a really fast pace. in the feild you do actually pace yourself.

Shelly said...

YIKES! sounds like I need that kind of job as I'm turning into quite the couch potato!!