Tuesday, May 29, 2007

100 things

1. my real name is Thea Kathleen klein
2. my first married name was Smith
3. I didn't like it
4. I didn't like being married either
5. my maiden name is Francis
6. that name I did like
7. my middle name is supposed to be spelled with a C
8. and that is how it is legally processed for important paper stuff.
9. I do not like paper work
10. I avoid it at all costs
11. I make little piles that I secretly stash everywhere so no one will see them
12. I forget what is in the piles
13. I often wonder if this is normal
14. I think for some it is
15. I do not organize well
16. or at all
17. I am actually better at doing, than processing things
18.it takes me at least a day to process important decisions
19. if I am rushed I get very..........cross
20. I am supposed to be writing a to do list for my husband right now
21. I am going to go do that right now
22. I will be thinking of this today and will continue it tonight
23. I did not think of this list all day
24.I don't speak any other language
25. okay I speak one word of Korean, eedy wha it means come here
26. I love working outside
27. I love to camp
28. I am not fond of fishing
29. my dad introduced me to the out doors
30 my mom taught me how to appreciate the out doors
31. I love beer
32. I quit drinking beer or other alcohol.
33. I am 39
34. my mom and I are 20 years apart
35. I am very blunt
36. I don't intentionally hurt people by this
37. but it happens
38. I had one new boyfriend every new school year in high school
39. only one of them I liked
40. I have no brothers or sisters
41. It has never bothered me until now
42. I am afraid of being alone when I am old
43. I am a child of God
45. I am not afraid of death
46. I do not like Brussels sprouts
47. nor am I fond of fish
48. my favorite snack is chips and salsa
49. my favorite sweet is dark chocolate
50. for a long time I had a left sock and a right sock
51. I really could tell the difference
52. I am pretty much an open book
53. and you can read my face like one too
54. I had a pretty normal child hood according to me
55. I didn't like my step dad Allen or his son until I moved out
56. Allen did teach me about every sport imaginable
57. I know how to play Pool,bowling,batt mitten, ping pong, tennis, chochet, lawn darts, Frisbee, 10 different kinds of card games, chess, checkers and 4 other board games
58. I know how to play soccer, football, golf
59. the first thing I saved up for was a skateboard

58. I was in seventh grade
58. I learned how to roller skate with my cousin in my grandparents garage
59. they had metal wheels and leather straps
60. I met my husband at work
61. I liked his eyes
62. we met in a clean room (think Intel, and you'll know what I mean)
63. his eyes were all I could see
64. he is better at being a stay home "parent" than me
65. we were married a year later
66. I was pregnant 6 months later
67. I would love to visit Europe
68. I like world history
69. I don't get a chance to read about it
70. I like to read
71. again I don't get a chance to read much
72. I was a veterinaries assistant for a year
73. I like cats way more than dogs
74. I like to watch birds
75. the Hawk and the barn swallow are my favorites
76. I like most farm animals
78. Horses scare me
79. I do not like to go garage sale hunting
80. I don't like to have them either
81. I like my house to be clutter free
82. it is not
83. I have learned how to compromise
84. I have strong beliefs
85. I am rather opinionated
86. I try not to be
87. but it just comes out
88. I go to a very small church
89. I like small churches
90. I am not materialistic
91. I do like nice things
92. I just don't put my worth in them
93. I would rather save up money and get a good tool
94. I do not like cheap tools
95. I learned this from my grandfather
96. I am mechanically inclined
97. I like to mow the yard
98. almost done with my list
99. whew that was a long list
100. hope you learned more about me.
101. it is all true.....:)


Priscilla said...

I'm still working on mine!

gmjlm2 said...

Good job! I finished my too. learning to compromise is still in progress! :o)

Martha said...

11. I make little piles that I secretly stash everywhere so no one will see them
12. I forget what is in the piles
13. I often wonder if this is normal
14. I think for some it is

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. (I wonder what was in that stack of papers I stashed in abox the other day while cleaning... Maybe I'd better go check before I forget about it altogether!)

Kim said...

Martha, I was going to comment on the exact same thing! Except my piles are on the dining room table. It's a good thing we eat most meals in the kitchen. I think it's pretty normal to have piles of papers. I love dark chocolate too!

Kim said...

And I agree about the good tools and good shoes too. You get what you pay for.

Shelly said...

I love reading all these lists!! Thanks for sharing.

BTW, Have you ever had Treasures??? Dark chocolate with a caramel center. YUMMMM!

And Brian and I are 20 years apart too.

Rachel said...

I'm not very organized either. It sounds like most of us aren't so I guess those who are are abnormal.
#85-"I am rather opinionated." I am this way too, and because of it can often say too much about a subject...or give my opinion when it's not wanted.

Great list!

T said...

martha, my husband is the orgagnizer and he is starting to go threw all the "secret" piles.......he is even lost now, and has told me he can't even tell what is good and what is bad this time :(
Kim, did I mention shoes? cause it is the truth, I can't not by cheap shoes either. it just drives me crazy to by something that is going to be worn on my feet for over 12 hrs only to fall apart, the same for tools..... I like craftsman professinal my self.
shelly, yes I have tryed them.... I am actually more of a dark choclet truffel gal..... the little round dark choclet with a dark choclet center..mmmmmm.
rachel,you can give me your opinon any day of the week !

Martha said...

Well... I still haven't gone trough that box... maybe today I'll try to get to the piles...I hardly know what's good or bad either or it would be done!

Gudl said...

You don't have to be afraid of horses! Just be careful around them because they are big and strong, but not mean.

T said...

ooohh but they sence my fear! and their ears go back.....mmmmm unless I have carrots in my pocket,or an apple slice.

kristina said...

Fabulous list. I do feel like I know you better.

25. okay I speak one word of Korean, eedy wha it means come here 63. his eyes were all I could see 50. for a long time I had a left sock and a right sock

You are very funny. I like your sense of humor.

52. I am pretty much an open book 53. and you can read my face like one too
-me too.

gmjlm2 said...

"t., put your socks on, hurry up and put your socks on, it doesn't matter which foot it goes on, put your socks on!" She was not joking and it was so frustrating. Now I can laugh, mostly because Em does the same thing!

Tracy said...

Great list, Thea. I guess your name is not a secret anymore... :o) Ha ha!

I finally got down here to read it. There were actually a lot of these that I didn't know about things you don't like. I guess I would say you are willing to try new things even if they are not your favorite? Hmmm? Like I remember riding horses and going fishing with you... I don't remember particularly that you didn't like it... Or is my brain just failing?

Or maybe you are more honest and comfortable with who you are now. I think that's probably it.