Saturday, July 07, 2007

it is finished

the old pool
the new pool
the half full new pool
waiting children
ah finally!

swimming at last!

for some this is a small pool , for us it is a big step. and really just the right size for the kids, we could have gotten a bigger one but why.


gmj said...

it is perfect for them, ahh what about Sid? How do you keep her out?
And isn't that "her spot"? :O)
Love Em's 'kini!

kristina said...

Looks like fun. I like the way you posted it in stages.

Martha said...

Cool water is always appreciated on hot days even if it is only a couple feet deep. Looks like they're having fun. CANNON BALL!

Priscilla said...

It's perfect!

Tymbr said...

So when do we get to come over?

Tracy said...

Looks nice and cool. How often do you think you will have to drain and refill?