Thursday, July 12, 2007

study break

so here is the scoop as of late

my mom had my kids for three days and two nights..............oh yah baby!
I dropped them off on Monday night and picked them up yesterday
in the mean time I have a test coming up on Monday.
in the test I need to know how to read a meter for water flow and also the districts for the whole city of Portland...... yes including all the compus points and direction of major streets and the dividing lines of those districts and I also need to know the defensive driving manual and the codes for the pretty paint they put on the sidewalk.

little secret folks......................I AM DIRECTIONALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL!!!!
no I seriously mean it...... yesterday I actually learned my N/S/E/W oh yah.
so now you see how much studying I need to do.
yesterday after work I went and picked up my kids, then drove back home, then my husband had taken the cat to the vet and so I had to pick him up after dropping the kids off and then came back home.................. and jumped in the pool with the kids!
here are some pictures of my study break............I stayed up til ten going over Google maps of my city and then I dreamed about it all night.... oh what a joy...LOL!
the job is a water meter reading position it is a really great job and pays rather good
so keep me in your prayers for that.


Priscilla said...

Hope you get the job. It sounds like a good one!

Priscilla said...

The pool looks great!

Rachel said...

I guess the best time to study is just before going to bed because then you end up studying all night long in your dreams! I hope you get the job too.

Rachel said...

I love the pics of you with your kids in the pool!

gmj said...

You are sooo funny!! You are still swiming with your glasses on!!
Looks like fun.

Martha said...

Gmj, remember those people on America's Funniest Home Videos. the adult people who fall over the sides of kiddies pools? If you can't see the fish, stay out of the water!

Good girl, T. Keep those glasses on!

gmj said...

Martha, remember T. said she had a pool as a kid? Well, guess who got to go in the pool and find her glasses she lost? Funny then and funny now!

Gudl said...

All the best with your test!!
Looks like you found a cool place to relax!that's good.

Tracy said...

I hope your test went well. I know that you know that city like the back of your hand, even if you have problems with a map.

Shelly said...

So, didja pass??? I'm sure you did great!

And I dream about pictures all night if that's what I was working on for very long at all. It doesn't make for a very restful night!! UGH!!!

Martha said...

Time to get out of the pool now.

Gardener Greg said...

Great pictures T,glad you are doing ok.