Monday, September 03, 2007

before and after

well for those of you who thought I was joking about taking over one room at a time........well it is no joke. the kid's rooms were the next on the list.
Tracy mentioned that I don't put before pictures on so here is a couple of them. David's room and Emily's room then there are after pictures. I like them the most.....LOL.
it took most of the day to do them both. mainly because I had the kids help.
beds were striped and sheets washed,books taken out and reorganized,dresser drawers in David's room were redone........ he puts his clothes away himself but this means that who knows where anything is, including him....... I get tired of hearing "MOM!!!!! where is my (now in whisper voice) underwear?!!!!!!!. at which point I say mmmmm I didn't put it away so I don't know......where is your underwear? in a drawer? so needless to say we redid it.
Emmy has been wanting her doll house back that she was grounded from (she would never pick any of the little stuff back up) so that was the main goal for her room. to get the doll house back in there.

she likes to play in there but as you can see there was no room...... I didn't want it back in the play room soooooo I rearranged it so she has room to play.

I am hoping that with school starting this will stay like this.......mmmmm yeah right.
oh well .

here is the after pictures.


Rachel said...

Wow, that's quite a transformation! Maybe if he can't find his stuff when he puts it away, he'll learn to be a little more organized, or...maybe not. Lol! My kids do the same thing to me.

Tracy said...

Very impressive, especially with kids involved. So are there any rooms left now?

Martha said...

Oh, please come visit me after Tracy!

T said...

well yes there is the bathrooms,my closet,the comper desk and there is always the wait that's the room I can't touch...mmmmm. oh well it is not a room but a back yard...that needs done too.

gmj said...

How much stuff can you clean out of a bathroom, I mean... sink, comode, bathtub...? Your closet oh yeah, that is an entire room!!

Gudl said...

Good job(s)!!

Priscilla said...

That great...I hope it stays that way!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Well when you have more energy left, you're very welcome to 'help me' I think I wat you as my friend, no better! You can come and live here, I like the way you clean , for nothing no rent LOL!

JoAnn :)( just kidding)

Tymbr said...

Awesome! joy has already managed to trash her new room, but she does do a good job of cleaning it up by herself ... by the simple expedient of putting everything in the closet :)