Saturday, September 01, 2007

fun at moms.

so we went to mom's (mine) and all of us went.
it was fun the kids played with the neighbors and my dad and husband put together a
computer desk...............
Darren has really not been doing anything in his opinion manly so this was big.
we got there at about 1130am and left at 6pm
my bell so to speak had gone off at about 2pm.
I was not going to be able to leave until the desk was put together, per orders from the manly folk.
but I did take a few pictures, some are on the other bloggie....... the beginning
proud manly men

ah finished product


gmj said...

Yes, you had bp increase after 2pm!! But others had fun, how good of you to be a patient mom/wife. Hard huh? :O) Ahh, smile in the face of adversity??

Priscilla said...

looks great!

Rachel said...

Very nice! How's Darren doing? He looks good.

Tracy said...

Good job! I'm glad it was a nice day for MOST of the people involved... :o)

Martha said...

Darren looks like he's doing better. I'm glad you we're able to stick around until the job was finished.