Wednesday, December 19, 2007

second day

so the first day: all drives were with people who work there in the office.
1. went for a 30minute drive to a town
2. picked up a small little human girl
3. drove 30 minutes back to the office
4. signed more paper work
5. went for another drive to 2 different schools.
6. was dropped off early
7. read study books for about an hour
8. went home

second day:
1. went to another office
2. filled out more paper work
3. filled out more paper work that I already filled out before.
4. had my picture taken, only to find out that I.D badges can not be made toady
5. found out that I needed different papers
6. watched about one and a half worth of videos
7. drove back to my office to inform my boss of the paper issue *(I couldn't reach him by phone)*
8. went down town to my long awaited interview
9. twenty minutes later I was done
10. then went home

third day:
1. arived at work
2. put knick knacks on my desk area
3. 7:30am prepared rooms for a Christmas Party....that they don't call a Christmas Party...LOL.
4. 8am was promptly bombarded by two people to do transports for*( pick up child and take them some where)*
5. hunted down a man whom I and another were doing a transport for. just to find out where I would be dropping the child.
6. went about twenty minutes away and picked up
7. dropped them off at school about 40 minutes away
8. went back to the office , before I was able to even get to my desk I was bomb barded
9. went back to my desk to find papers for another transport for next week.
10. wrote on the board where I will be for the next two hours
11. went 20 minutes away to pick up.....
12. came back and dropped some things off
13. just enough time to pick up from a school
14. the school was late!
15. just made the deadline for the drop off that was about 15 minutes away.
16. went back to the office
17. and sat! for the remainder of the time 2hours

actually I did do some organizing in my corner where every one just dumps stuff, now it does not look like a dumping zone. I reorganized my desk and made several stops to the supply area.
I now have my own grease board. so that I can write down where I go and when I'll be back.
this is important in case some one thinks they are going to add to my schedule. which happens in a blink of an eye
I left out little details that went on but I am not really allowed to talk alot about what goes on there. I can only fathom what will happen today.


Rachel said...

Sounds like quite a day! I suppose it's too soon to tell if you will like this job. :)

gmj said...

I'm amazed you wrote this much!! :)

Gudl said...

I think you will like this job

Tracy said...

I hope that you will find it rewarding.

Heather said...

Wow, what an interesting job where you can do so many different things in a day. It sounds like things change all the time. I hope you really like it!

Merry Christmas and enjoy your time at the cabin, T!