Thursday, July 10, 2008


my new name at work....this is what I sing down the hall
"just keep swimming" our halls are narrow.
but quietly I just keep singing
"just keep praying just keep praying"
I don't know if I will get this job and it is stressing me out....but
what I do know is that it like so many things in my life , is out of my control.
I don't get to control much if any thing anymore. and for a control freak it is frustrating.
so this is what I sing to lift my spirits.

on the other hand work is going good. I am learning alot.
Darren is okay. his back is okay it flares up now and again. Over all he is doing good.
he has applyed for a school bus driver and we are hoping he gets it.
the kids are doing really good. lots of fun stuff for them this summer.
that is all I can say for now.
my break is over and I am going home.


kristina said...

Hey T!
Nice to hear from you. I hope you get the job.

Rachel said...

Hi T,

You and your family are not forgotten. I think of you guys often, and you're in my prayers.