Sunday, August 24, 2008

frosting and slime

see the frosting? this is the BIG can. The "BIG" can was hidden in my drawer. why? Wellllll because every time and I mean every time I have a can of frosting it some how disappears from the can. So when I pulled it out and turned my back big fingers got into it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

so now comes the "slime" part. there is a web site and it is also a show.
anyway. I found this activity to make slime. I watched it then printed out the directions and then went to the store and bought borax and food coloring
and walla slime.

the first part

the blue slime

the pink slime


Rachel said...

Steven and Michael made slime at home last year, lots of fun!

Your hubby (I'm assuming it was him since you said, "big fingers") gets into the frosting like mine gets into my chocolate chips.

T said...

oh yeah! chocolate chips...have to hide those too. other wise I don't have enough to make cookies.

Martha said...

You are a brave mommy to make slime.

joeks said...

um, er, well... I admit (but only here, not where my family is likely to see!) that I'm the guilty one in my house when it comes to eating frosting. But only if it's already open and left over! :-)

kristina said...

Oh how fun! I never made slime.

kristina said...

And you've been blogging! Where have I been?

Tracy said...

Oh, I've seen that before. There is another cool thing I saw recently, but I don't remember the name. Something about a substance that is liquid but can bear weight. Come to think of it, I think it was Kristina that had a video about the stuff.

Heather said...

We made slime this year at Vacation Bible School. It was the coolest craft!

Congrats on the job!!!!!

Tracy said...

Now who hasn't blogged in a long time, hmmmmm???