Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sheep thoughts.

Oh lord oh lord
may I always hear your voice
as you lead me by the quiet steam
you show me things I've never seen.
and beyond the streams the valleys lie
and as the sheep must follow their Shepard threw
those valleys so shall I follow you.
I know you will guide me threw and up to the
high pastures to graze upon your words.

okay okay...sappy I know
cause you know....that those quiet streams some times sound like
deafening roars and the valleys seem like swampy bogs and lets really get real about the leading me part eh?mmmmhmmm yah some times it feels like a drag.
oh I willingly go but usually it's on my knees.
never the less those high pastures.....Well lets just say aren't they worth it?
cause when you are in that pasture eating up everything the lord has to offer well I think it is worth every bit valley to get there.

1 comment:

Tymbr said...

this is great girl! (can I help you with your spelling? I know what you meant, but some spellings change the meaning).

And I am right there with you on being dragged on hands and knees, sometimes kicking and screaming too.