Friday, December 02, 2005

Lemming life

Oh my gosh oh my gosh,
if you have done any research on lemmings at all you'll find out that we don't do well in winter....we dang near on several occasions have gone extinct.
tis true tis true....I think there is a reason we don't have any tails either...due to the constant nawing of stress related lives.....and no visible ears....well all the better not to hear your children screaming your name 10 times to wipe their butt cause their done in the bathroom..oh and get this us lemmings in the winter also grow extra long front dig threw the snow or the front door of our houses ......and our fur changes colors too probably some kinda of 007 trick so as to disguise ourselves so our kids go to dad for once instead of us....
never the less...spring will come and then summer and we can crawl out of our little tunnels and face the new challenges of lemming life.


Tracy said...

Hey ms. lemming! I am now an official blogger as well. Check me out at

I like your little lemming picture. I hope you come out of hibernation fully rested.

L2 said...

Oh, yeah, lemmings rule.

What if lemmings need glasses?
Does that affect their personality?