Friday, December 16, 2005

lemming...luv...dedicated to LM2 and 3

This is a story about a little lemming.
and his luv life and the trauma of loss in every lemmings life on the tundra.. Names have been changed in order to respect the lemming and their cultural differences and their privacy(lemmings are very touchy with privacy)

now there was this little lemming named....lenny.Now lenny had a hard life he grew up as a collard lemming ....his mamma was a brown and his papa was a collard...not the best,every lemming knew that browns were considered a true tundra lemming and the collards were well not. now being a collard lemming was not the worst thing cause well things just happen (especially when you can get it on after 3 weeks after birth..What's a lemming to do in a chess?) that was not lennys problem. His problem was he was in luv ....

that was not the norm for a lemmings don't fall in luuuuv . It's more of a you see ,you concer, you dig . (kinda like the lather rinse repeat thing)

All of lennys friends knew it was not luv but lust. see they saw the little tang lenny was wanting....the soft silky brown fur with just a hint of sun bleached highlights....the staight long whiskers...and the tail,oh it was as if it wasn't there at all..(lemmings have bizarre taste..but who am I to judge)...and those claws especially the second one in the middle...yah lennys friends knew that this was a simple case of lemming hormone gone run a lenny's friends decided to take matters into their paws..and wrote a song for lenny to sing to her....

they presented the song to lenny and with a bang he her.

Oh lyla(thats her name) Oh lyla

you make me smilela Oh how I wish we could lie(what can you say his friends wrote it...)

in a tunnel of brush and grass and stuff thats soft.

I could make your dreams come true kinda like a ..lemming could

so be mine...and will dine on grass and thissle and tundra stuff.

I swear I won't leave you like the others heart is lenny true.

Now when she herd this she was ready..Like any loosey goosey lemming lady cause you see lyla was a lemming of the night kinda lemming.poor lenny never had a chance..he would have stayed with lyla forever...thats just the kinda lemming he was.

but as it turned out.....lenny had his nite and ...a couple more....but then one night ...the Jack rabit got them both while they were looking at the tundra moon.

oh well thats lemming life.

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Tymbr said...

ROFL!!!! Ok, that was FUNNY!!!!!

A jack rabbit? are they natural enemies of lemmings?