Friday, December 16, 2005

WAR ...HA.....GOOD GOD......

You know I forget sometimes how dangerous and how dirty war is .
and I forget sometimes as I think a lot of us do that when we take a stand for what we believe in and pray and contend before God that we are bound to come up against opposition.
we are at war when we pray and just like firing bullets
don't think for one moment that we won't be fired back at.
I am a firm believer in the power of prayer
and I am a firm believer that we tend to forget that it
works...Because we get fired on and things don't change right away..ect ect.
just as in war sometimes there is static on the line and our communication gets jumbled or frankly we just get
land blasted and give up or get wounded and quit.

but just as in these pictures of the men that fought for our country we
as believers should be fighting just as hard and just as enduring because it is our kids and our family's and our friends that we are fighting and
even for ourselves.

well that's my opinion for the day.

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