Friday, August 25, 2006


Hello bloggies my old friends
no I have not dropped off the deep end.
no I have not been sleeping.
but I have been busy.
here are a picture or two

my son pulled out his first toothy.

and my daughter had her 4 year birthday.
and this year it was a doozy.
she is the artist in the family so she as you can see
has now a princess out fit and
a easel

and then of course our doggie.

so as you can see we have been busy this summer and oh my goodness..... whats that only two weeks till school starts?
oh my.
and I might add. I thankful and I am pretty sure the kids are too.


Tracy said...

Nice pictures all. Emmy looks so fancy in her new outfit. And mommy must have worked on that hairdo. is that a 70's feather do I see?

Tymbr said...


martie said...

Thanks for stopping in for a visit and please feel free to drop in anytime. I've been reading some of your posts and I see that your Emmy does have a great sense of humor for her age. You have great looking kids! I love your dog...we got ours from a resuce shelter too. She was only 11 weeks old back then and now she is 4. Good luck with finding an adequate school for your kids to learn in. Back here in Michigan, the public schools do a very good job, even with a tight budget!