Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day and the life of funny Kids.

Mom says: "Emmy what part in your room did you pick up"
Emmy says: " well I picked my nose"
later in the day.... We are baby sitting a friends daughter... I go and get water and my Emmy gets stung by a yellow jacket on the finger.... Because she was poking it...
Mom : "I just stepped on it so nobody else would get stung ;) "
Emmy: "But mom, God made the ants"
Mom: " so you didn't want me to step on him even though he stung you?"
Emmy:" no" :(

David: " why do I have to be always be the monster?"
Mom: " well who is the monster when your friends are over? Isn't it Emmy?"
David:" yah I guess :P"


Tracy said...

Didn't realize that Emmy was developing her skills as a stand up commedienne. :o)

Very cute stories.

Martha said...

I love the nose picking story. That's too funny.