Friday, August 04, 2006

School house blues.

It is amazing , appalling, disturbing and down right pathetic.
I have to make a choice of my children's education.
To put them in a inadequate school that does not meet the need of my child or any child for that matter.... And yes I am talking public.
Or put them in a private school that meets the spiritual needs and most of the academic but basically is the same as public except smaller class sizes and more money.... They do in all fairness , however do a better job than public..... But you really don't have to do much to do that!
or I can put them in a school that will teach them to learn to have a sense of achievement!
which is exactly why we put them in school, is it not?
I am confused and baffled that I the parent have to make such choices at all.....
Home school you say.... Yes well that is another option.... But those of you who know me....Well you tell me :). I don't think that would be good for the children or my marriage.
Is it wrong to assume that we should expect more from our schools?
My husband and I remember the fundamentals of our school experience and we both agreed that schools in Oregon suck! East coast schools did better and North Dakota.... Oh come on North Dakota? Better that Oregon? Well for cryen out loud.... That is truly pathetic!. But hey we are not doing a dang thing to improve the situation either now are we.... we pull them out of public , homeschool them, put them in private school and to what avail..... we still pay the bloody taxes that run the public school and pay the "so called teachers" salary. Only to have them close the schools for what lack of funding? Well I don't think so.... LIE!
my point is this.... My choice is not an easy one.... To stay home and send them off to a public because we can't afford to send them to a more adequate school, or to homeschool them my self with materials from a good school? Or go to work and miss the time at home with them..... I have less than a week of praying and deciding..... And have I mentioned that this is a totally ridiculous choice to have to make at all!


anoregonrose said...

Check this out, it might help (then again, it might make for some choas around the house) but it couldn't hurt to try. :)

Tracy said...

I didn't realize this was another thing on your plate currently. Let me know what you decide.

I'm not very informed on the issues involved.

Martha said...

I think there are many people out there who just don't understand the pressure that comes with sending our children off to school. In a world where there seems to be an "education god" the pressure can be extreme and the chioces overwhelming.