Wednesday, October 04, 2006

51 things.

1) I Love roller coasters
2) I don't like to swing, it makes me sick
3) I never wanted to be a mom but I love my kids
4) I love to go camping
5) I love beer.. But only the dark ones
6) I love to go boating
7) I love to swim in rivers, but not lakes
8) I am not computer savvy
9) I love to hang out with people
10) this is my second marriage
11) I don't like to debate issues even though I have strong opinions
12) I like to go for walks in my neighborhood, just to meet the neighbors
13) I used to ride dirt bikes when I was a kid
14) I worked in the park district in the Summers for 5 years
15) I have been to the east coast, including main, Washington DC, Delaware
16) my field trips for 2 years were to the Smithsonian institute and the old presidents houses
17) I am afraid to say what I think about politics,
18) I like to roller skate
19) I was a lesbian.... Operative word is "was"
20) I was a rebel in highschool but was never got in trouble with the teachers
21) I have had one friend since 10th grade whom I still have as a friend
22) I would love to learn how to snowmobile
23) I am very poor at math
24) I can't spell either
25) I still watch one soap opera
26) If I can't watch my soap I listen to it on the radio in my car
27) I loath junk mail and will not even look at it, it just goes into the garbage
28) I have camped with bears in eastern Oregon
29) I have camped at the timber line of Mt hood
30) I did every drug with the exception of heroine and opium in the 80's
31) I have been a Christian since 1985
32) I am not artistic
33) I do not sew
34) I can hang sheet rock very well and am requested by my brother n law to do patches
35) I am blonde
36) I like to cook
37) I like to go to bed early
38) I am a very routine person
39) I am not analytical I kinda fly by my instinct but won't reject logic either
40) I love to go see plays
41) I hate shoe shopping and I will almost always return any pair that I buy at least once
42) I don't like to grocery shop
43) I like to travel, but I don't really get to any more
44) my favorite animal is a puma other wise know as a cougar
45) my least favorite is spiders
46) I am deaf in my right ear
47) I am legally blind
48) I do not like the dentist, and will not go.
49) I like to get dressed up and go on dates with my husband, I really like to wear nice dresses and make up and heels the whole nine yards.
50) I have arthritis in my hands
51) I do not wear jewelry


Tymbr said...

wow. some things I knew and some blew me away and some i never would have guessed. what prompted this post?

lm1 said...

some of my other bloggie friends have this thing going on and I thought it would be fun.

MissDaday said...

well i now No 51 things about u.. (you see , i cant spell either haha)

anoregonrose said...

Is there some sort of quiz this comes from (having seeing it around a bit myself) or do you just have to sit and think of all these things on your own? Just 51 random facts people may or may not know? Let me know, I'm curious now.

lm1 said...

you just come up with 51 things and walla there ya go.
at least thats what I am seeing.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. The originator is Priscilla at She says she set out to do 50 things but then thought of one more. Now everyone is doing 51. They are just random. Originally titled "51 things you may not know about me".

Good list LM. You came up with some really random stuff that I honestly didn't know. I think I knew about 50%.

I'm quite touched that I made the list! :o)

Priscilla said...

I feel so honored at such recognition. Actually I saw strangers doing this sort of thing on their blogs and I thought it looked fun. One girl did 100 things! I thought that was a bit much so I decided to try for 50...which ended up being 51. (Actually...I think I could have done 100 afterall)

Anyway, LM you sound like a fascinating person. I would love to hear your testimony about how you came to know Jesus.

I hate grocery shopping too. But I love going to plays. I'd rather swim in a lake than a river.

lm2 said...

Slo-Mo, Sharing 51 true things is just freaking amazing, proud of ya.

Anonymous said...

was that your mom?

lm1 said...

yup. thats me mom she is Lm2 my gram is Lm3

Anonymous said...

good job. i knew some, impressed by others. just reminded me why i'm glad you are my friend. maybe i'll try it.

Lm2 said...

lived in ML, NJ, WA, OR, Korea,(spoke fluent Korean at age four) born in GA. Scored medals in tennis at age nine. :o)

Nixter said...

I love beer too - woo hoot :)

Great list. This 51 things list is really taking off.

lm1 said...

eedeewa = come her in Korea....
thats all I know now adays.

Tymbr said...

you mean you forgot "ha-ji-ma!" (stop it) ... Josh's best friend in preschool was Korean ...

Tracy said...

My comments somehow turned into anonymous.

I like your new pic

kristina said...

wow! some of your statements are surprizing. thanks for writing all these...

Emsxiety said...

Eww swinging makes me feel sick. Almost as much fun as twirling in a circle until I fall over, but not quite.