Monday, October 02, 2006

Twisted, yes I am

Okay so I am twisted......
someone showed me this site and I was hooked.....
absolutely hooked.
yup..... for those of you who actually think their animals are kids as well as your
real kids this site is for you.
really it is just fun.... like we who love to blog really need another reason
to blog... :)
or another account to which to blog on.
any way have fun.


Anonymous said...

Now I know where you have spent your blogging time lately. I read the diary there. Very cute. :o)

Anonymous said...

BTW, I LOVE the picture of Sydney in her tutu. Very dainty!

anoregonrose said...

Just SOMEone showed you this site, huh? No one in particular, just SOME random person.


lm1 said...

okay . the "someone" is a friend of mine of name I will not mention, because it is not my habit to mention names in my bloggies. :P

Priscilla said...

It does look cute and fun!

I'll have to come back and look at it when I have more time.

Sydney looks like an awesome dog!