Monday, December 18, 2006

well now.......

At our house dinner is the time for conversations of all sorts. most of the time my husband and I pick some thing we want to encourage the kids to think about.
tonight I asked so what is Christmas all about any way?
my son plainly said
"well it is Jesus birthday"
not to bad , good good.
and why do we celebrate His birthday? again my son answered.
"so He can get older"
well now............ guess I know what story I'll be reading tonight.......LOL.


Rachel said...

That's cute! So did ya read the story and then quiz him again?

lm1 said...

read the story, but we actually talked about it at dinner, while the conversation was still open.
for some reason the 6 year old boy brain only stays open for about 2 minutes (if I'm lucky)for a piticular subject.

Martha said...

At least he didn't say "I don't know". That answer gets old pretty fast.

Maybe that would be a good question to ask any group of kids. I wonder what answers they would come up with.

lm1 said...

from what I have seen in school there is so many different religions that I am sure the answers would have the same "theme" but differnt meanings in truth.