Tuesday, January 30, 2007

things that make T go AWWWWW!

1) when my daughter comes in bed to wake me up just to snuggle....awwwwww
2) to many pictures to count on the www.cuteoverload.com site, mostly the bunnies..awwwwwwwww.
3) when my son gives me 4 thumbs up for some hokey dinner that everyone else says mmm ok to...awwwww
4) when hubby throws a fit cause he just wants to be with me on a date and doesn't care what we do....awwww
5) when the cat gets a wild hair and will follow me just so he can snuggle on the chair with me..awwwww
6) when my son chases an elderly lady down to give her ,her change she forgot at the cash register...awwwwww.
7) when my daughter sings.awwwww

I thought it only fitting that I share the AWWWW'S too not just the Grrrrrrrr's


gmjlm2 said...

aWWWWW good ones, Checking on sleeping grandkids, watching them sleep is my favorite awwwwww.

Martha said...

When the dog looks at me and tilts her head to one side. Awwww!
When a little one first hugs you back. Awwww!
A new baby. Awwww!

Tracy said...

What a great list! Those are great things. How is it that your son has 4 thumbs?