Thursday, May 03, 2007

I am here.

this is the younger version of me playing in the dirt. apparently I enjoyed getting dirty from this time on....LOL.

I have been sooooo busy lately . here is the time frame from which I work with.

4:15 am my alarm goes off and I go and make coffee, or now Darren makes it at 4 so yeah!

430 am ----- some times I can blog at this time , but mostly this is when I can get my bible study done

445am is when I start making my lunch and Davids lunch and sort the laundry or do some odds and ends

500am is when D is sorta awake and ready to do some reading together and praying, or just talk about what is going on for the day. (he is trying)

530am out the door on the road, this is the time when I say an extra prayer or two or talk to my mom.

615am in the yard (place where I work) drink the rest of my coffee(I no longer bring a thermos, It is the tinkle factor, men don't like to stop that much..;) )

630am I have my orders of the day and head out to do------------- my job....

my job as of late has included : taking a truck (ford ranger) parking it on a softball field, pulling a "chalker" (basically a box with wheels and handles and a little whole in the back to make the line of chalk dust come out) out of the back then pulling a "spiker" (which is a large triangle with 5 inch spikes sticking out the bottom) out and placing 3 , 75lbs weights on the corners of this "spiker" , then after that then you place a 75lb wire woven mat behind it. and then drive around in a specific pattern on the field. when that is done then you chalk the lines and the batters box, and off to the next Field. there are on average 12-15 fields a day.

now if for some reason it is say raining and all the fields are out. our boss will pick about 4-5 of us and send us all out to one field , where we shovel and rake and move dirt for eight hours, this is a lot of work but it is sometimes fun.

at 300pm I get to go home

400 pm I actually get home at which point I have several options

option number one: walk the dog..... this happens rarely :option two sit with the kids and hear about their day, this happen sometimes, option three , take a shower and then eat dinner, then walk the dog. this happens a lot except I don't usually take a shower until the kids are in bed.

at about 8pm I am ready and most usually in bed.

that is what has been going on during the week. so blogging on the week ends works better, but I do sometimes comment on others .

it is way past my bed time so good night.



Tracy said...

Oh goody, goody. A day in the life post from T. Very nice. Very busy day. Very tired T at the end. Does it make the weekend that much more sweet? How is Mr. Mom coming along?

Rachel said...

I see you are incredibly busy, and time with God is much more important than blogging at 5:00 in the morning so I guess I'll let it slide. Haha! It's good to hear from you. I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend with your family!

Martha said...

Mostly we want you to know we still love you and we're still stopping by often. We know you're busy but even busy people need to know their friends care, right?

gmjlm2 said...

Really sassy arn't cha? I think you for got the running if the erands after work, like georoceries, meds for D. and pay bills. Ps; that is a picture of T. and her grandmother, my mom. Glad you are continuing you bible study, thanks for posting to your friends. Have a good weekend, the sun will shine and Hopefully D. will start driving soon.

T said...

martha, it is very true, I am very blessed!, I can't wait to come by for a visit...... and take a nap on your couch! with the cat.
maybe in the late summer.
durwood is doing better, he actually drove today (david missed the bus) but the PT said no more till he sees the doc.
he is moving about and doing his exercises,
Emmy is giving him problems but over all he is doing well.
Tracy, my weekends are a cherished event! I get to sleep in and then this weekend I have a date with emmy on saterday (going to the mall) then david on sunday (yup the mall) it is going to be quite sunny so we will all go to a park too.....
mmmm I shall take my camera!
thank you all for all your prayers and know that I pray for you all too!

Martha said...

The couch is waiting.

Gudl said...

Hi T! Nice to hear from you.
You ARE really busy! It is great that you do bible study and give time to HIM. That is really good.
May God bless you.

Gudl said...

Nice photo of you playing in the dirt!! Yeah...time flies.

Shelly said...

Well, I feel incredibly lazy after reading your post!! ;)
BTW, if you visit Martha you had better swing by my place too. Or at least let me know you are in the neighborhood so I can pop in too... I'm a GREAT napper!