Tuesday, June 26, 2007


so it has been a bit long since I have really wrote anything......
lets see if my fingers still get it.

waz up?
I temporarily have my "old" job back
at least for one week that is . and believe me I am taking full advantage of it.
Hubby is in the hospital for three days....... the full three days unlike the last one where it was a day and a half......soooooo not doing that again.
he is having the other hip replaced, so he now will be even.
oh yah I said even...... he has been two inches taller on one side than the other....... so now he not only will have two new hips he will have gained the two inches back that he lost...LOL.

so now I have one whole week to do everything that I used to do.......
cook dinners,blog,do laundry,blog,take kids to various activity's,blog,clean house,blog,take pictures, and oh yah blog .
I am actually looking forward to it. I consider it my vacation.

I must apologize for not blogging as often, I just don't have that much energy and I really do read everyone and try to keep up with everyone lives.
so this week you will be hearing from me so watch out.....LOL
more to come so pay attention.


gmj said...

Good to see your writing and criptograms. :O)

Priscilla said...

I knew it was because you were tired from working. I'm glad you get to be here a little while.

Martha said...

Here I am, paying attention.

I hope you have a wonderful week doing your "old job". Also hope your hubby has a good recovery.

Martha said...

Hey! She beat me!

(Hi Priscilla!)

Tracy said...

Oh yeah!! Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing more from you. How's D doing in the hospital? You will have to get used to a new taller husband with the hugging and stuff.

Rachel said...

It's good to see you blogging. I hope you have a great week with your kids, and I wish Darren a speedy recovery!

Gudl said...

I hope your husband will recover quickly from his surgery!
I am glad you got some rest.