Wednesday, June 27, 2007


we have a routine at night and it goes as follows:
eat dinner
shower (if shower night)
movie or games or books (depending on the day)
then off to bed
one parent takes one kid and reads a book
then we switch kids
because we decided that our kids go to bed by 7pm (unless there are activities to do with others)
yes even in the summer.
they are allowed to play or read quietly in their beds .
here are some pics to show you what they actually do.

Emily has three stuffed animals, one whom you should all recognize as "super ted" the other is a dog who was also a boy but now is a girl, and the "other" bear is now a girl too....:) they are not naked anymore. yet a new phase in my girl.

David has a hard time with writing so I thought that if he learned how to trace it would interest him enough to practice his fine motor skills. it is working so far.


Martha said...

Good idea to get them into bed early and give them some quiet alone time. That leaves a little time for you and Darren to be alone together without staying up too late. (We all stay up too late here!)

Nice to see Super Ted is doing well. That's him in the pink sweater, right?

T said...

martha, we get lots of flack from our friends about that, but we decide that Darren and I need our time. or we are just to cranky the next day.
yes that is super ted in pink yet again....she likes these three the best. she loves to play dress up.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a good routine. Alone time with your hubby is important!

gmj said...

Hey!! That's my dog, well he use to live here. When did she take him home with her? I'm glad she is enjoying him! Ahhh, I mean her.

Kim said...

When I was a kid I dressed up my stuffed animals too. I didn't care for dolls, stuffed animals were way cuter! Early bedtime is good because we all need our alone time, especially in the evenings after a busy day. I know I sleep better if I read before bed rather than just going to bed.

Shelly said...

Mmmmm... I miss the days when I could send my kids to bed! Now my son almost always goes to be later than me and I go to be way too late! *sigh*

Gudl said...

I think, too, that it is good for the kids to wind down for a while.
And you need some time alone.
My kids had to be in bed by 8....

joeks said...

Tracing is a great idea to help with your son's fine motor skills.