Sunday, July 01, 2007

where did it go?

so where did my time go
I thought for sure I would be blogging more and having my time to my own and spending a relaxing time walking the dog......
nope not so much.....
most of my time was everyone else's
my kids, my in laws, then my husband when he came home him.
sooooo again I am sorry for not blogging as much
I do miss getting mail and comments.........but you have to blog to get them...LOL!
so here are some things we did this week
I made dinners and froze them so Darren will not have to cook for about three nights
they are all in individual Tupperware so all he has to do is heat them up.
kinda like TV dinners, but homemade.
then I had to visit my husband at least once a day it is 25-35 minutes away depending on the traffic, one way.
then off to the park at least once a day then home to cook and clean and get kids ready for dinner and bed.
whew! now here it is Sunday and I have to go back to work............YUCK! I soooo
don't want to.
check out the photo blog and you'll see the newest adventure.


Martha said...

Time passes much too quickly when you're a busy adult. As a child there was always ample time to spend... What happened?

Don't worry, you're not forgotten. I keep checking in, keep praying for you, and now I'm going over to look at your photos.

gmj said...

That truly is an abbevated version!! :O)

Rachel said...

Time does have a way of flying by. I'm glad you had the time off that you had. The bad thing about having time off is that it's very easy to get used to and hard to go back to work.

gmj said...
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Shelly said...

That picture is too funny! Is that how you are feeling with such a crazy, busy schedule?!

Priscilla said...

I understand perfectly. I am mostly running around with my kids. The hours in the day are filled up...even if you haven't much to show for it in the long run.

Tracy said...

Who's cat is that??!! Sorry that things got so busy. Isn't that they way things always go? How's D doing?