Friday, August 03, 2007

friday day 5 maybe?

so today is better.
yesterday was okay,
he still has a very upset tummy
and he becomes dizzy easily.............mmmmm eating might help that.
he seems not to eat and thus gets dizzy.
well today he saw the pain doctor and all went well.............sorta.
the great news is he is doing it and that impressed the doctor that and we as a family are supportive.
the bad news is that this flue like symptoms will continue for the next two weeks.
this is going to be rather stressful.

all in all we are doing good,
the kids are so good at GMJ that it is scary.
despite what she states in her blog she is very good with my kids.
they are bright eyed and very happy.
they do miss their home and their daddy and mommy and both of the critters.
but over all doing good.

thank you all for your continued prayer!!!!!
it is so very helpful. I would be totally lost without God in all of this and I know that praying together as brothers and sisters in Christ we can move mountains .

sorry no picture tonight, I am at my moms.


Tracy said...

I'm glad that things are going better. We need to keep praying for him to hang in there with determination. I am so proud of him. Love to you.

Martha said...

Yes, we'll keep praying.

Gudl said...

This is good news!