Friday, August 10, 2007


I have forgotten the day........
but here is an update.
Darren is getting way better.
he no longer has that many dizzy spells and is starting to sleep at night .....thanks to some Tylenol pm and a little pink pill .
he is pretty much off all of the others , the ones that help with the dizziness and upset tummy.
he is completely off the pain meds and has no pain........
The doctor says that yes he is disabled to a point and will sign what ever papers needed so that my husband can be retrained.

and me?
I am busy as ever, it seems my days run into each other.
I need to get to the doctor myself, so that I can get my blood pressure under control,
apparently this is important......<:s
lately I have been feeling rather proverb 31 woman and it is not any fun.
it is not as glorious as some may think.
Early to rise, doing laundry and dishes, sometimes making lunches, writing notes to keep things organized. working during the day to keep money flowing, coming home and spending time with the family by eating dinner,playing games, going for walks..........

the kids, well they are surviving. my son announced that this is the worst summer ever..... cause he has had so many that he can remember right....LOL.
I laughed. I did remind him of all the things he has done this summer. mmmmhmmm, didn't fly, but hey he is only 7 and Lord willing will have many more summers to come and not all of them super dooper.
Emmy has got a tooth on the bottom that has come in and another on the way......we didn't think they would start coming in till she was 6. so this is a great thing........ she won't know what to do, she has really never had front teeth. we make a big deal of it.
her birthday is coming up and she has been writing her list and reminding her daddy daily of what she wants.
Darren and David will be going shopping tonight at the mall.......mmmmm. this should prove interesting. my kids love going to the mall....... you get See's Candy's samples. Darren is okay with going but was balking at the candy issue........ "you can't go to the mall without a See's Candy sample!" is what I said.
Emmy and I will be at home doing the girl thing, nails, hair. over all preening and primping. she loves to do that.
Saturday is going to be busy
we will be driving to look at a house up in Washington that is way cheaper that what we pay now, and is in the country. it is a 1hr to 2hr drive so it will be an adventure.
then Darren's folks come over at 5pm or so and then it is bed........ I think.
Sunday we go to church and then it is all to ourselves..........I am hoping.
my kids have now decided that missing church is not something they want to do anymore........ I don't know why but I am not going to argue it...... I think they just like being with their friends, again I really don't care as to the "why" but am just happy that they want to go and don't put up a fight.


Martha said...

Amen, and amen!

I'm glad to hear things are starting to get better. One day you will look back and say, "How did I ever find the energy to get all of that accomplished?" but you will know who gave you the strength. He is good, isn't He?

Rachel said...

Amen and amen again! (Martha beat me to it)

This is very good news, God is SO good!

gmj said...

Ahumm, memememe do ra me fa so la ti do... Aaamen, Aaamen, Aaamen, Amen, Amen!! Has my singing improved? Love the good news.!!!!! I know I already heard it, but thought you would like to read it.

martha said...

Sing it, Gmj!

Gudl said...

All sounds good!
Yes, a loud AMEN to all!
God has a good plan for your live...

Tracy said...

What great news all around. I will give a Hallelujah to the Lord for working out the details.

Keep us posted.

JoAnn - NL , Travelstories & Photography said...

Hi T,
My very VERY best wishes!!!
Take care...

:) JoAnn