Sunday, August 26, 2007

take over

Taking over one room at a time.
so last weekend I organized and cleaned my room and the play room.
this weekend it was the kitchen...............I am not sure why my hub has a hard time with
detail, he says he sees things in the "big picture" mode.......
so why can't he see things like cob webs and dust bunnies? or crumbs on the counter
would that not be in the big picture?
I see them. they torment me in my dreams..........
dust bunnies are not cute little things when they come at you in your dreams.......LOL!
so now my kitchen is "big picture" clean.
that means that the counters have been scrubbed , the appliances have been washed down
the refrigerator has been wiped down (outside only)
the cork board has been cleaned off (expired coupons are now gone)
floor has been cleaned
the garage door has been wiped down
the corners of the walls cleaned off.....
oh the horror of it all!
yes my hub sees the big picture, I see the little ones that make the big one....LOL.
yes it is a team effort.
I am not knocking him..............exactly.
really it is all in good fun that I write this.
the only room I am not touching is the ..........................
well that is until I run out of rooms....LOL~!


kristina said...

I am a 'big picture' cleaner too. I know people who will spend all day cleaning out a drawer while the whole room is amuck. Drives me crazy.

gmj said...

Yep!! Systematic organization is the key...Top to bottom works for me. I got the clean bug this morning to. Cleaned out the pantry closet, took some appliances to garage, shuffled cans to pantry, in all cleaned three cupboards and the pantry in the kitchen. It all smells of bleach, but it is squeeky clean. :O)

Kim said...

I don't like cleaning but when I do I'm a one type of thing at a time type person. Last week I focused on floors. Suck up dog hair, vacuum and mop. But my hubby doesn't notice that things should be wiped down either. Crumbs could sit on the counter for days and he wouldn't see them. Dishes however, they are another story. Do you think he just needs bifocals?

Rachel said...

Good for you, T! I got tired just reading about all your cleaning. I think Dave and I both like clean counter tops and things picked up...although things are not always that way. It seems like every time the season changes I get that cleaning itch, but then I also want to buy stuff for the house or paint or something.

gmj said...

Glad someone else thinks it is a seasonal thing!!

T said...

oh it soooo is seasonal..... I am not much of a "spring" cleaner so much as I am a "fall" cleaner..... it something about kids going back to school and because we have mold allergies and dust issues as well it is more of a habit to do deep cleaning in the fall..... not to mention that I actually did buy curtians for my room....heee heee!
I do want to paint..... but we rent so nope.........but that does open the accesserizing.... say it with me....akk ses er ize ing.

Kim said...

Curtains can add so much to a room. We mostly have white blinds on all of our windows and they are pretty boring and not fun to clean!

JoAnn-NL "Through my Dutch eyes" :) said...

hi It seemed you did a great job, I always LOVE visiting your awsome blog!!!! This music, sogoood yeh!!!!

:) JoAnn greetings :););)

Tracy said...

Are we confirmed for the 7th? I've got you in my calendar. :o) I'm not sure you realize what you are in for...

Martha said...

How did I miss this one? I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets in "cleaning mode" when the end of summer rolls around.

I also see the crumbs on the counter but I often forget about dust and cobwebs. The floor must be swept and vacuumed in the living areas but I have a tendancy to avoid "the bathroom".

I used to be completely neurotic about cleaning but through the years that became impossible, especially with a husband who is home 90% of the time. (Shhhh! He's a messie.)

joeks said...

Ah, so it's the season? Maybe that explains why I've actually been making some progress at de-cluttering. Plus when I knew I'd have company--but that was just in the rooms I knew they'd see! : )

All you've accomplished is an inspiration to me.

With determination that this time I WILL conquer the disaster in my house, plus daily newsletters from Messies Anonymous, it seems that I'm slowly seeing results. It's all baby steps, but I'll get there eventually.

Kim said...

I used to throw things in paper sacks and put them in a closet when people came over. It was a fast way to de-clutter. Martha, I avoid bathrooms too. But we are having a visitor from N Ireland and he wants to take a shower at our house before we all go to a wedding so I will have to clean one of the bathrooms. That darn company, they force me to keep my house clean.

T said...

the bathroom is a must clean.....every other day.
it is the boy germs that get to me.
tracy we are on it is the dog we are trying to figure out what to do with but the rest of us are on.
and I sooooo know what I am in for, I lived with you for how long?
remember the green beans? and just how many cans were there?

Priscilla said...

Ohhhhhhh!! My house is so messy! School is starting soon so maybe there is hope!

Martha said...

There is no hope for the homeschooler! I'm doomed, doomed I say!


Tracy said...

I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank on the green beans... Maybe it was a traumatic experience that I am blocking out of my memory. :o)

T said...

we lived in portland it was next to the "little ol lady" and I saw that you kept buying green beans and so I orgagnized the cubbard to show you that you had six cans of them.....yes six. and you should stop buying them.