Friday, October 19, 2007

ah the fun!

so as alot of you may know my mom (aka GMJ) went on a little outing yesterday.
here are the fun high lights:

the first stop was me on the train known around here as the "max" it takes me from my town in Aloha all the way to Gresham. I took the red train which takes me to.......IKEA! where mom picked me up.

this is the view were I left from.

after mom picked me up we went to Sherie's for some breakfast and coffee. we also discussed where our next stop would be.....hello no brainier! IKEA!!!

this is Sherrie's our first stop then

IKEA! of which we learned how to live in a 575sq foot home and a 350sq foot home and a 200sq ft room.......with out kids.... it would be fine. but I do have some GREAT ideas for organizing my house.

so we spent about 2hours there following the arrows....then we also know where alllllll the bathrooms are. and we found out where Tupperware heaven is....... Ikea has the best organized kitchens ever!!!!

then off to the RED BARN this is a local produce place where it smells like a farmers market and it really is a barn. very fun...not my cup of tea although I did buy some calaflower and pears as well as some green onions....oh and some squash.

this is just the sign.

okay now for the really funny you see this fence......(HA she didn't think I would find a pic I bet....LOL!!!)

okay so this is the fence that we went around to get into this area....this is the area where the old house was that was chalked full of memories both good and bad, depending on who and what time of the year it was. so we wanted to investigate it closer and find out where the house really was and what trees were left ect. now when we found out all the stuff we wanted too........ we hopped the fence instead of going around again..........HAHAHAHAHA... well one of us hopped it......... GMJ did not succeed........... only one leg did she get over and then with a look like a trapped deer she was stuck......the laughter that followed was not a pretty picture. I could not(because I was threatened) take a picture of this. she did get unstuck and simply walked around...... I could not stop laughing!

the other picture that I could not snapp fast enough was a picture of this lady knitting while waiting for the light to change at a stop light. no I am not joking! she was knitting at a red light.that must be one blanket she has to get done......

I think that about covers it all in all we had a GREAT day and I am thankful that we have them.


gmj said...

Oh yes, you giggled, "do you want me to grab your leg and pull you over?" Funny, all the while cars are going by on the street. I didn't "simply walk around", I had my head up and walked in a stately manner. :) You forgot about the stalking gas theives at the dollar store, The smoking section at Sherri's with the Budwiser sign flashing at breakfast. The red sequined platform 5inch spiked heels .... :) I am thankful we have giggle fests to.

Rachel said...

It sounds like you guys had a blast! No picture needed for the fence thing, I can picture it all in my head, too funny!

T said...

oh I missed the heels! where was that.
the gas stealers now that was funny.
yah these guys had their red gas can and were going from car to car....weird people. LOL.

Martha said...

Oh yeah! I got hung up on a fence once too. Wasn't supposed to be climbing over and caught my pants on the way to the ground on the other side. My toes were touching the lawn but my rear end was still on the wire fence. I had a big hole in my brand new pants!

T said...

bummer about the pants.lot of explaining to do eh? I am not sure fences are for climbing over......mmmmmm even the waist high ones......

Gudl said...

I wish I could have seen the fence picture!! Haha.
I am glad nobody got hurt!!
I would LOVE to go to IKEA, too! It reminds me of home. Our next IKEA is about three and half hours from here in Canada.
I am glad you had a fun day.

gmj said...

Red heels at the Party Store, in the costume section... where we checked out the rosebud bustier... for your halloween costume this year. :)

joeks said...

Yes, we can definitely picture the fence episode without a camera photo! :) Thanks for sharing the day with us!

Tracy said...

I'm jealous about the Ikea trip. If we had not gone on to Hood River last weekend, we definitely would have made an Ikea run. I didn't realize that you could make it all the way there on MAX. That's great!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Ikea is everywhere right? I would not expect that store in your country, uuuh "why not", you would ask...? I don't know the answer... it just seemed to be everywhere, nice overview of your surrounding...


Priscilla said...

Believe it or not, I have never gone to IKEA. I'd like too as I've heard it is cool. None around here though.

Sounds fun! Glad no one was hurt!