Friday, October 05, 2007

non working woman

so I have not been working outside of the home for about week and a half.
some may wonder why no blogging......wellllllllll
since my absence in the house, it seems some buggy's have invaded my computer due to someone exploring their goofy E bay and Craig's list sites.
annnnnndddd there is sooooo much to catch up on at the house.
like, errands that haven't been done because my van (Darren's old work van) tryed to kill me three weeks ago by having it's brakes go out down hwy 26. yes it was a hill and well it is apparent that I am supposed to live here.....even if I want to go home. ;) annnnnndddddd because of that we have not been able to fix it ....... something about children eating kinda comes first....
and having one van while I was working did not allow Darren to get errands run.
today I am supposed to be cleaning the house........... but there is a garage sale going on in my front yard and I am needed from time to time. thus invading my train of thought and making me not want to really work allllll that hard.
it is really strange to be back home I have forgotten some things like pulling meat out for dinner and laundry........ now that I am home my DH has began to think He's retired......:(

I took David to get new shoes yesterday and I was willing to pay up to 45 bucks for some nice tenny's..........but noooooo he wanted converse canvas low tops......they were cheep. oky doky.

Emmy of course has pink tenny's and purple slippers. she likes to match but my son well mmmmm he could care less if he matches as long as he is comfortable. here are some pics of the kids and playing.
the last one is of david and his new shoes..... my son does not like to wear pants and will wear these sport shorts...... does he care that those shoes soooooo do not way.
any way that is all for now.


Tracy said...

Okay, you answered my question! Nice pictures. I take it it was your stuff in the garage sale? How did it go?

gmj said...

David's shoes, hummm, handsome.
Hard to settle without a schedule ?

T said...

I do not do garage sales......I just collect the money. LOL.

Martha said...

My sentiments exactly. I would rather go to a garage sale than have one... and I don't go to many.

Rachel said...

You sound like a busy's flying, huh? I think the kids look cute, and I like the new shoes David picked out! Did you ask him if he can run real fast in them? Haha!(I used to feel like I could run faster in a pair of new sneakers when I was a kid)

Gudl said...

My kids played with Lincoln Logs, too. They grow up so fast.... Enjoy the time at home!!
Nice song on your site!

T said...

oh David says that he can jump and run relly fast and it is the jumping that he really likes.
then he went to school and the gym teacher told him tha "no they don't make him run faster" big meany. LOL.

Priscilla said...

What do you mean you are "nonworking"...that is nonsense! You are a mom who works hard!!!!