Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas hoo.

1. gifts
2. I do not like the emphasis put on the gifting
3. I do not like the rational of " it is the spirit of giving"
4. I think the emphasis should be put on family
5. I think the emphasis should be put on Christ
6. I think that I stopped enjoying Christmas the day I got married and had kids.
7. I enjoy being married and kids, I just don't like the stress of money and gifts
8. I miss the snow
9. I miss the big family time
10. I do not like the arguing in this season (more like tense conversations now)
11. I do not like the "can I have's"
12. I do remember doing this my self
13. I do remember the fun as a kid
14. I miss the smell
15. I miss the men being men and watching the games
16. I like cutting my own tree
17. It is something we do every year
18. It is the only I mean only tradition we have
19. I guard it with my life
20. I want to make Christmas fun for my kids
21. I don't like the non unity between my DH and me with this season
22. I like the santa claus tradition
23. we do keep it
24. we do teach the "reason for the season " too.
25. we decorate the tree together
26. oh that is another tradition
27. I shall guard that one too.
28. mmm well the neighbor plays santa every year
29. that is a tradition too
30. Darren does the same for his kids
31. that makes three traditions
32. I do like to decorate my house
33. we do lights every year
34. we try to out do the neighbor ( who plays santa)
35. up to number 4 now
36. we are going to a cabin this year
37. I would like to save money and do that again next year.
38. I think it would be cool
39. I think I am done now.
40. I like ham for Christmas
41. I like mashed potatoes
42. I like green bean casserole,waldorf salad,jello salad
43. I like to go for a walk after dinner.
44. I am the only one in my family who does
45. my mother and father like to also
46. my husband does not
47. I am glad this is at the end of the year
48. I'll get over it don't worry.
49. I am done now
50. see I am over it now.


gmj said...

Awww, if you had little puppy ears I would kiss them off!!
Yes, the walks after the meal, the snow, and this is not anyones fault, we have less snow by about 5 inches than we use to have. Fact. the suprise of "new presents" being added under the tree. not every day but enough to check every day. Being pulled on a sled around the neighborhood. visiting with neighbors on walks in the snow in the evening. street lights on the snow. yeah, it was a good childhood, Huh? I so want you to be "the kid" again... I miss us.

gmj said...
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Martha said...

Christmas comes with a commercial pressure that doesn't belong there. I have often thought that we need to "take it back" but am never quite sure how to go about it, so I try to take it easy, bake some cookies, and go to a CHristmas eve service somewhere.

Rachel said...

I think the "pink elephant" gifting is so fun between the adults. We did this 2 years ago and I laughed so hard I had tears on my cheeks. THAT was fun, and being with family. I agree with the gift giving stress, and it just being too much. I think it should just be about celebrating Christ's birth TOGETHER.

We also cut a tree together. It's usually a freezing cold day.

Martha said...

That's "white" elephant, Rachel. (Pink elephants were on parade in Dumbo. Totally different.)

gmj said...

Ya gota love Blondes, all of you make me giggle until I have ... issues. :)

gmj said...

(phfft!, I did not pee my pants) ya all will have to try again!

Martha said...

Spose you knew I was thinking that cause I'm blonde...

Eisbär said...

Pink elephants after to much Christmas drinking.

It has been a very long time since I had a Christmas that I really loved. In 2003 I had one that I liked a lot.

I also miss snow. I miss people being happy instead of shouting and fighting with each other.

I like ham too.

I miss when Christmas season started after thanksgiving, not before Halloween.

T said...

yah after thanksgiving not two days before halloween!
even my kids were a bit baffled at that.

AMG said...

I LOVE your list! Do another sometime in the future. I love it!

kristina said...

I wish we could "take back Christmas" too! I am not buying gifts this year. I am too broke and I suck at shopping. Also, I can't remember the last time I actually went to church on Christmas. I would like to do that.