Monday, November 05, 2007

holloween costumes.

yes we go tricker treaten.
we have rules and exlplain alot of truth of things.
we go for the candy. of which the children are secretly heavyly taxed.
the candy is gone threw with a fine tooth comb and then placed in bags with their names on them. this way they get candy for at least a month. and we don't have surgar rushes with bad melt downs.
here are some pic's of before and afters.

ah don't you like boxers with marry janes?
ninja boy.


saftey first. these are dollar tree glow sticks held on by tape..... the cheep mans version of reflecter tape...LOL


gmj said...

thank you for posting.

Eisbär said...

Cool. I didn't have a good costume this year, but it was better than the last 2 that i had none.

Rachel said...

Glad you guys had fun. The kids look great in their costumes! We always went trick or treating as kids too, and I never knew of any evil beginning to was just plain fun.

Martha said...

Pass the candy bag, please.

Gudl said...

The children looked great! I used to go trick or treating, too. But now my daughter is 'too grown up' already.

KMF said...