Friday, December 14, 2007

well now.........

oh my life just seems to be interesting as it moves threw this world.
so as some of you may know I have a job that will start on Monday.
but as some of you ....... well most of you do not know
I have been on the city of Portland's water bureau hire list. meaning that when they call
me I go in and do an interview.
so guess who called me.
yup you got it the city. so now I start my job which pays very well and then go into an interview with another job that pays very well.
the Portland job would be permanent. where as this current job is only temporary.
so really there is no question as to what I will do if I pass the interview.
it is just kinda frustrating.
here I really don't want to work. I would rather stay home with my kids and have my husband work and I have one job and another strong chance of another. grrrrrrrrr.
here my husband would rather work and he can't get a job for some reason.....oh and he has been trying.
so the Lord has something up . I just wish He would let me in on it.........
cause I could help him out you know..... I am soooooo good at that.
mmmm well to me it is just a bit mind blowing.
okay now on to something even more funny
this week end my husband and the children were out in the garage. they were just goofing around and I was pleasantly in the house just .....lalalalalala
when the garage door fly's open and my son and my husband bring this large wire mesh thing
in and plop it onto the kitchen table.............. upon which he (my husband) says
"where is the four? and I need a big bowl, theres the paper and this is how wide I want it ripped up"
oh yah can you say paper mache? mmmhmmm~! well all I can say is my husband is spontaneous at times without a lot of forethought.
I quickly cleared the table of everything...... I know how messy it can get even if my hubby does not. plus kids+flour+paper+water=MESS!
so after it was all said and done this is what it looked like
can you say mountain? it is going to be so "he" says. my hubby has a train set he has been working on for the last few months and he has made ...... a mountain so to speak.


gmj said...

Jeeze! The things you have to put up with!!

Rachel said...

The kids probably had a blast with that...they could get their little hands all gooey and sloppy, and they had a great excuse!

I wonder what God is up to too, you know he has a purpose and a plan! Hmmm...

Tracy said...

Wow! So you got the driving kids around job? And that is the temp one? What is the city job that is permanent?

Well, there does seem to be overwhelming evidence that you are supposed to be working for now. When you step out there and trust that God knows what He's doing, it'll eventually be more clear. At least that's how He usually works... Congratulations.

kristina said...

I love paper mache! How fun- I bet the kids had a great time.

You are right - God has something planned. It will work out.

AMG said...

Uh oh! I am now ready to tackle the basement job head on. I have been searching like crazy to find your phone number....can we do this do you think? Do you still have my phone number? I have no candle commitments for two weeks!! I am FREE!

Gudl said...

Very creative!