Saturday, January 05, 2008

mmmm long time no post

so it has been awhile I see.
sorry about that
I am back to work and it is hard to post lately. I would rather be spending time talking with my kids and husband when I get off work and on the weekends.
we went rollerskating on the first. that was fun. I used to do that when I was young.
I still like it. Darren however did not. something about possibly falling and hurting himself.... I don't know....LOL.
if you read my mom's blog you should know all about her adventures with my daughter.... ah the emergency room what a fun time that was...NOT.
oh well it comes with Kids. I usally don't let it throw me to much. been there so many times with the other one.
oh and the job..... it is okay.
I have interesting news with the city Job.
I had forgotten that I applyed for another city job. then I got notice in the mail that I am on the list which is about 26 people. so I will be waiting for that interview.....
this is the one I really want. so pray if you would that I get it.
lets see anything else?
cat is fine
dog is fine
hubby is fine
..... yup thats about it


joeks said...

Glad to hear everyone and everything is fine!
Will keep your job hopes in my prayers.
(Guess it's time I updated too. Okay--I'm hereby setting a goal of doing that at least by.....Monday night!)

Rachel said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, hopefully Em's throat is feeling better now.
Will pray about your job situation.

gmj said...

You posted!!! Wow!!!! And the sun is trying to shine :)

kristina said...

I am glad you and your family is well. I hope Em is feeling better. I like it when you blog, but I would rather you spent your free time with your kids. I will pray you get the job you want.

Gudl said...

Glad to hear from you. I believe you that you are too busy to post!!
I will pray for you that you will get the job you will like.

Martha said...

I'm hoping Em is better too. ER's are not much fun, but I've been there too. Now we have an after hours kind of place instead.

Gudl said...

what is the matter with your Mom? Her blog is closed?!

T said...

I have no Idea!
she said she was taking a break.....why I do not know
feel free to comment to her from mine...she said she will be looking at everyone's and commenting.
sad,sad sad ! it makes me slightly testy. LOL.

Heather said...

T, I am glad you and your family are doing well. It sounds like your routine has been pretty busy with work. So glad you are having time with your kids and hubby, though. Roller skating sounds so fun!

Tracy said...

I'm anxious to hear about the other job lead. Hope Emmy is doing better. Oh, and I wish I could have gone roller skating with you. Denis can't do it, not pushing ability with the prosthesis.