Wednesday, January 23, 2008

still here

well I am still here.
I worked 6.5 hours overtime last week and was a bit tired. but I made some well needed money.
I am discovering that there is a whole other type of politics when you work in an office as opposed to the city work. there is a lot of back biting and dirt slinging....... I guess they don't have real dirt like the city worker's do so they sling words instead. It is hard to deal with sometimes....oh don't get me wrong there is plenty of politics in the city jobs too. it is just a different type....more 'good ol boy' issues.
never the less I am liking it. that is the job stuff. now onto the fun stuff.
two weekends ago my daughter and I had a date and went and saw Alvin and the chipmunks
it was fun. and this last weekend we went rollerskating just me and her. David and Darren went to see the same movie while Emily and I skated. she did pretty good this time. she didn't hang onto the wall much at all. there was a lot of falling but she seemed okay with that. then as you saw on GMJ bloggie we went there on Sunday to watch football and have a sleep over. it was fun too.
I am enjoying being able to have dates with my kids lately it is more meaningful to me now more than ever. so I am sorry that I can't blog a lot. but I am hoping to be able to take more pictures on the weekend. ( if I can keep the boys away from my camera batteries!gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr)
I don't know what I'll be doing this weekend. mr David will be at GMJ's for saterday night so maybe I can sneak in some skating with Emily heeee!
Ta Ta For Now.


Rachel said...

So glad you're getting to go on some dates with the kids, they don't ever forget that kind of stuff. We haven't done the one on one thing with ours in a while...we need to do that.

gmj said...

LOL!! "one on one thing", I think that is an only child's nightmare.

T. do you need a
"grammie intervention" on battery usage? ;o)
If it is not yours don't touch it?

Gudl said...

Sounds good! I am glad you are 'ok' with your new job and you still get to do things with your kids.