Thursday, July 24, 2008

2 pairs of shorts
2 short sleaved tops
1 pair long pants
1 long sleaved top
1 toothbrush
1 tent
1 shovel
1 smile, pasted on if necessary
1 charged phone
1 phone charger
1 camera

so here is what GMJ sends me in the mail last night........
mmmm once a mom always a mom. this is a list that I would write to my kids ;)
she had other things on there but , well some things just shouldn't be shared over the net.
This is the first long trip we have taken ever . normaly we go Yurting or motel-ing but this time we wanted a longer trip.
The painted on smile part is due to the fact like any mother hen I don't like to leave my chicks and tend to worry about them to much cuppled with lots of stress. And being a "control freak" I can be gloomy.
I think she forgot some things though........ can anyone guess what?


Judi~Gmj said...

yeah I can; pillow and a towel :D

Rachel said...

How about your Bible and your coffee mug...perfect for by the fireside. (of coarse the mug must have coffee in it):)

Rachel said...

I'm assuming that your mom is bringing the coffee.

Martha said...

firewood and matches
CD player and headphones (LOL)