Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my trip , my veiw, my fun.

Here are a few shots of my view of the trip.
this is one of the first photo's I was asked to take along the way. It was only one of the interesting things we saw on cars,trucks,and motor cycles.

This is where I found out that my mom drove like an airplane. she stopped like one anyway.
We did not find out what they originally mined

See these kids on the tractor? I thought it was a little scary to let them just push it around.....see the little girl? At one point she was behind the tractor while the boys were pushing it. The grandma watched and told mom "she might get hurt" her mom looked and just said "well she might, but then that will just be a memory"
I thought about that and looked around and realized she was right. Those kids were being kids and she was not going to interfere with that until emanate danger was there.

Ahhhhh the plot thickens .......GMJ + Map=....well lets see what great adventures we will come up with.

Windmills , you have seen this picture before from GMJ. But here goes my plug for being "green" did you know you can request from your power company to use this kind of power instead of the fossil fuel? Well I just found this out...... but it costs about four dollars more than what I pay........mmmm not right now, I'm thinking.

Do you see the black bull? Do you see his lady friend ? Well she actually hid behind him, moved herself so that he was in front of her. I thought it was cute. Interesting how his horn is pointing down and one pointing out.

So here are all his lady's . It is funny to me
that they have horns. I always think of the males
having the horns but alas it is not so.
I liked them anyway. They were not friendly and although I was braver than Mom I was not going to push my luck. Them there are youngens and those mama's have horns.


Judi~Gmj said...

Fun times!
Those were not the "lawn mower racers" I was talking about but I guess this could be a new crop!

Priscilla said...

I have not visited this blog in forever I think. I thought you stopped blogging. The trip looks fun. I wouldn't mess with them gals either!

Martha said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought you were going tent camping. That looks more like a hotel room where Gmj is studying that map.

I'm glad you kept a "safe" distance between you and those Long-horned cattle. I wouldn't want to see you dangling from the end of those horns by the seat of your pants!

Rachel said...

Martha- I think Gmj won that battle.

I have enjoyed looking at all the photos of your trip. Glad you had fun...you DID have fun, right?

T said...

I had fun...it was bitter sweet for me. I miss my grammy and it was a bit hard. we always called her on our outings and this time we could not do that.....per say. we did talk to her. LOL.

Tracy said...

It certainly looks like a great adventure was had! thanks for sharing some of the pictures. It's so great to see you blogging again. :o)