Sunday, August 17, 2008

camping II

So here are some shots that I took. I will try to keep things brief.
We had some really fun times.
first off. My husband and kids set up the camp site Friday morning and came and picked me up after I got off work. The camp it's self was not that far away. One of the nice things about where we live. We are about 1hr away from mountains and about 2 hrs away from the beach.
The candle is citronella...... the only thing it repelled was the wax.

do you see the boxes of stuff green is the cooler with ice, the blue skinny one is the dry foods including dishes and can openers, and the long blue one is the camp gear it's self. mmmm guess who packed this trip.

This is the way in which we got water......mmmm yeah Next time I will bring a bigger container. This one we had to keep filling at least four to five times a day. But the kids took turns and thus probably the reason for it.

And then we had the famous "pit" toilets.....mmmmm oh yeah.... they did stink. and they stank even more when the "nice" people came and cleaned them out on Saturday.


Martha said...

I love the citronella candle repelling the wax. Hey, it was trying, eh? Guess the misquitoes weren't deterred?

And, as long as you have everything you need, does it really matter what it is packed in? Okay, so maybe it does...

Pit toilets are always lots of fun. I can smell it in my memory right now. Oh yeah, not good. I'd rather find a large tree when I was a kid. Now... well, now I guess I'd just as soon use the pit.

Rachel said...

Pit toilets, Ugh! I can smell em too.

I love the picture of Em and the water pump. She really had to put her whole little body into it...she looks cute!