Sunday, August 10, 2008

more pics

So here are some more of out adventures. One of the places we saw was a forestry center or museum as they called it. It was actually a covered bridge for a logging camp. They made it into a museum.

Do you see how small Darren is. Yah this is me and the kids up on a forestry tower. I am very afraid of heights,but the kids wanted to go up and see the tower and what was inside. Darren had already walked to much up trails and rocks so he could not go up the 6 flights of stairs to get up there. I have to admit it was pretty cool. I would not really want to stay there at night with wind and rain.

Here are some random shots I took on the trip.

The water fall was a creek running down the trail.

This is a wild flower I don't know what the name of it is. But now that I know how to use my digital zoom as well as the manual (thanks mom) I can get these shots a little better.

This is a water skipper .

this is a fun log that I thought was cool.


Judi~Gmj said...

Well done!! I love the water fall. and it macro you are using :)
Wonderfully brave of you to climb up in the air.
This can't be Jones Creek! A forestry museum? Naw, that would be a dirt biker museum!! :)
I like this music, but it sounds ..a little depressing....??

T said...

okay I changed the music. so maybe not so depressing?

Judi~Gmj said...

You are so funny!! I love you too!

Martha said...

Can I go up in the tower? Looks like a fun place to visit. I think all the really big, old trees around here were cut down before my grandparents were born. Maybe I should come visit the northwestern forests.

T said...

we have some room so come on over!
I even have tea. LOL.
we are going again this weekend.

joeks said...

Oh, how neat that you get to go camping so much!
I especially like the creek/waterfall photo.

Rachel said...

That looks like a fun place! Have fun camping this weekend, wish we could come! We're having "cousin camp" here this weekend.