Saturday, August 09, 2008


Here is the new tent. We had a small four man tent and I just bought this one which is a 7 man tent.
I We didn't realize that it would be so hard to
find a tent site. We ended up in a place I used to dirt bike ride. Now they don't dirt bike ride there any more and the only place we could pitch the tent was a walk in site. It was a bit much. However the nice wood guy let us use his wheel barral.

This tent was a bugger to put up. We did a trial run at the house. The only thing that really is a pain is the fact that the ground was sooooo soft that the tent stakes did not stay in.

we went hiking the next morning. We walked along this trail and my son looks down and says "hey I can see tad poles the water is so clean!"
So I took a picture of the spot where the tad poles could be seen.
The really funny thing is my daughter is the one who had the binoculars.

This is a shot of a water fall that we saw crossing a bridge

This is the first time we took the dog camping.
I did not realize she loved rivers so much. She kept wanting
to cross. I was worried that she would try it and get caught in the current.
She didn't.
this is called the Wilson river. It is a source of many,many good times at least for me. There are so many fond and wonderful memories associated with this place.

And we hiked and we hiked. I love the mountain ash trees.
We did more but I will show you tomorrow. I am tired now. all that hiking you know.


Judi~Gmj said...

Aaaw, such good times. Glad you are making memories with you kids too. I sure had a good time with you! :)

Martha said...

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of camping with my parents and two sisters. We had a pop-up camper but it was nothing like the ones they sell now. Just a tent off the ground.

Judi~Gmj said...

talk about cool pictures, the last one, don't ya just love it when the ferns are taller than your kids?
I did and I do.
I wanta go.

Rachel said...

It looks like a fun time! We love camping too, however we ALWAYS get rained on when we camp. Did you get rained on?

T said...

yes and we came back a day early. but next weekend we are going to get a flatter site and I will be able to stake it down better. so Darren won't get wet.

Rachel said...

If you look at my post from 8/3 you will see that Dave had gotten tired of getting wet when we camp and has put a "blue sky" over our entire site. Lucky for us, the rain came in the middle of the night both nights and the days were nice for hiking and swimming. Have fun next weekend! Can we come too?!