Saturday, November 29, 2008

days, trials, life.........

This is a picture of how my days go at work......some days that is.

Other days it goes just fine.

This is a picture of our TV alter....... it is now retired for the most part.
We did an experiment by grounding ourselves from it for two weeks. well the experiment is still going on. Our kids seem to really enjoy not watching it....well enjoy might be stretching it a bit but over all they do like the fact that it is not the center of our evenings. Instead we now play games and do a lot of reading.
current events and weather reports ecct. you might be asking.... well there is this thing called a news paper. we do get those and then we read them. We do watch movies on the week ends. and the kids do get to play their video games on the week end or the computer.
I have been caught sneaking on this machine a few times......... OH I have paid for this believe me.

So here is one thing that I really get bugged about
Bikers on the road that do not use the hand signals! I do not mind sharing the road. Not at all. what I really have an issue with is the fact that motorists are getting blamed for hitting these guys.... rightly so most motorists don't look out for them..... however I have seen a lot and I mean a lot of bicyclists who do not wear brightly colored clothes and blend in to the pavement because they "look cool in their attire" because they bought it at some bike shop. Nor have I seen bicyclists make hand signals to warn motorists that they are changing lanes or stopping or turning. I have had numerous bicyclists cut me off,cross traffic, and almost get into an accident.
It is frustrating.

Now I am going to return to my hole and spend time with my family again.
if you catch me on the puter it will more than likely be on face book.
I will try my best to keep up. but really I don't get a lot of time.


Gmj said...

YOU POSTED!! OMG, YOU POSTED!! YEP, I rubbed my eyes, looked again and YOU POSTED!! I am now spreading the word.

joeks said...

Love the close-up of the paws in your header!
Good for you guys for tuning out the TV!
Yeah, does anyone even know the hand signal for a right hand turn anymore? I remember being taught the signals in grade school.
See you next time you come out of your hole! :-)